17 Blue Flag Beaches you can visit

If you are visiting Greece this summer then look no further. We have gathered 17 blue flag beaches in the 2nd and 3rd peninsula of Chalkidiki, which are easily acessible by car or boat. Thousands of awards are given to beaches every year in Greece from which Chalkidiki has been receiving the most flags. These coasts are widely known for their natural beauty but also, for their environmental protection and the services they provide to visitors.

5+1 beautiful islands you could visit from Chalkidiki!

Have you booked your holidays in Chalkidiki and you are thinking about your travel plan?

We are here for you to help! Whether you are going to spend your holidays with your family, friends or partner, there are great options for single or multi-day excursions starting from Chalkidiki.

Let’s have a look at the 5+1 beautiful and alternative islands we can help you visit this summer by boat.

Diaporos Daily Cruise

Now sail across to Mount Athos, an Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054 –an autonomous statute since Byzantine times, unique in the world. Sailing at 500m from the shore, at the closer approach permitted in the area, you will have the chance to admire the magnificent architecture and beauty of the monasteries. You will have some time to capture this unique expirience.

9 Boating safety tips you should know

No matter how experienced you are, it is a good practice to go over safe boating tips. Find below 9 basic boating safety tips to help you stay safe during your trip:

5+1 Tips to avoid seasickness on a boat trip

Seasickness is a highly discussed topic, especially between the first time boaters, due to the fact that it affects each individual differently. Almost every passenger will experience some level of seasickness on a boat trip, especially on rough waters.

Renting a boat, a unique experience nobody should miss!

Millions of people each and every year want to do something different and have more interesting and exciting vacations. Many of them are considering visiting lesser known locations in order to discover the beautiful secrets of our planet. But there are still many hidden gems to explore in the world’s most visited destinations. Generally speaking, the most stunning beaches, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, can only be reached by boat. Now, renting a boat has never been easier, but why should you look into chartering a boat?

Dream Swim boat equipment

Dream Swim was founded by people with considerable yachting background experience, and genuine passion for the sea. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent services, and ensure that you will have the best vacation memory after riding one of our boats. All our boats are fully equipped to offer you maximum safety and comfort during your trip.

What to expect from your boat trip

There is no doubt that Chalkidiki is rightfully considered one of the best summer vacation spots in Greece, especially the second “leg” of Chalkidiki, called Sithonia, which has a more authentic feel. It is the perfect destination for those who prefer a more laid-back atmosphere. The shallow turquoise waters and the sandy sea bottom of the beaches, combined with the numerous secret coves, make Sithonia the ideal location people who wish to visit a serene retreat.

Kavourotrypes – Α hidden paradise in Chalkidiki

Orange beach or Kavourotrypes (as the locals call it) is a hidden paradise-on-earth with a coastline which is over 5km long. Kavourotrypes forms a lace-like coastline of small secluded beaches with crystal clear waters, white coves and dense pine trees that spread all the way down to the shore.

8 reasons you should visit Chalkidiki

If you are thinking of a vacation in Chalkidiki this summer, wait no more. Chalkidiki has so many diverse aspects that it provides everyone with a magical experience to enjoy. Whether you are a looking for a cosmopolitan atmosphere, or prefer a more quiet vacation or maybe you are looking for an extreme sport-filled vacation, Chalkidiki is the right place to be! Let’s have a look at top the eight reasons why one should visit Chalkidiki this summer.