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How to Choose the Right Boat for Your Next Outing

Whether you’re a boating expert who knows all the newest designs and models or a novice who knows nothing about boats, there’s a boat out there for everyone. When planning a vacation, you want to ensure that your vessel not only fits everyone but also glides smoothly into the sunset.

3 Skippered Cruises That Will Make Your Day on the Water

If you don’t have a boat license, how can you fulfill your ambition of spending the day on the water? You can savor the benefits of boating or solidify your understanding of it with the aid of a skippered boat charter, so no issue. Here we have gathered 3 top skippered cruises for you to choose from for your next vacation in Halkidiki!

Best Places to Rent a Boat in Greece

With dozens of islands to discover, lovely warm weather, and the sparkling seas of the Aegean Sea luring tourists from all over the world, Greece is the ideal boating destination. It might be challenging to decide where to travel in Greece because there are many islands and locations.

Are boating excursions for you?

Simply said, boat trips are beneficial for the soul. It is impossible to deny the sensation of calm and peace that may be brought back to you when gently swaying on the waves. However, if you want additional justification for taking a boat excursion or need to persuade someone else that it is worthwhile, look no further.

Sporades: An unspoiled paradise only a few hours away from Halkidiki with a speed boat.

The islands attract every year a large number of tourists from all over the world. The crystal clear emerald waters of the Aegean Sea, the fantastic sea caves and the hot summer sun will make your Sporades vacation truly unforgettable.
And the best part is that you can access them in only a few hours with a speedboat from Halkidiki! The only thing now is which one of these amazing islands to choose.

The Top 5 Must-See Boating YouTube Videos

Boating is a fun, affordable, and unique activity suitable for everyone, adults, and kids. It is easy to learn how to handle a boat and allows you to visit pristine beaches, explore hidden spots and dip whenever and wherever you want!
So if you are a fan of boating keep reading because below you can find the top 5 must-see youtube videos about boating that can be useful especially if you are a beginner.


And what is the best way to get to know this wonderful natural beauty? On board of course! Renting a boat in Halkidiki is the best option for the ones who wish to experience something different and create memories that will last a lifetime!
Here is the ultimate guide for you if you want to rent a boat during your vacation and take it to another level.

Skippered Cruises: The Best Option for stress-free boat trips

Vacation time is the best way to visit and explore new places, have fun and just relax away from the hustle and bustle of reality and everyday life. Moreover, most of the time, we end up getting more stressed because we want everything to be perfect and well-organized. From the means of transport to the hotels and the activities we want to do during our vacation, this season can be a quiet stressful period for anyone.


Your next vacation is just around the corner, and the destination has been decided: Halkidiki. You are looking forward to endless swimming and sunbathing under the golden, hot, greek summer sun and many other kinds of activities. But what if we told you that you can take your vacation to the next level and plan something special?


Considering renting a boat this summer and taking your vacation to the next level? Renting a boat for a day or more is a unique and cheap experience everyone will love! Do this, and you will never regret it. Organizing a boat day is the perfect way to have a different kind of experience and also have a quiet and calm time away from mass tourism.


Greece is the most popular destination when it comes to summer holidays. Numerous islands and places on the mainland with idyllic beaches, extraordinary natural beauty end to end, and endless blue adorn the flawless scenery all over Greece.


You cannot visit Halkidiki and not go by the second peninsula, Sithonia. It is a wonderful place, possessing all prerequisites for a tranquil and active vacation. According to many people, it is the best place Halkidiki has to offer with pristine beaches, turquoise waters, splendid nature, and picturesque villages.


Centuries before people started traveling for leisure and relaxation, one of the main reasons they were moving was to pay respects at a holy place or an emblematic church or monastery. And the Greek land has always been a privileged place for Christianity and Orthodoxy.


It is without a doubt that Halkidiki is one of the favorite summer destinations for many people every year. Only a heartbeat away from Thessaloniki, this wondrous place has to offer numerous magical, golden sand beaches and it rightfully deserves all the recognition and eyes on it! It is the perfect place for your vacation whether you are looking for the cosmopolitan experience or you are more into quiet, and calm kind of holidays.


Halkidiki is mostly known for its pristine beaches and the majority of the tourists come to visit to swim in crystal clear turquoise waters and drink pina coladas by the beach until sunset.
What most people do not know though, is that Halkidiki has amazing countryside, without the hustle and bustle its seaside suffers from every summer.


Vacation time is on and you have already found the perfect destination, Halkidiki. Now all that is left is to organize how to spend your days there to make it a memorable vacation for you and your family or friends.

Dream Swim - ενοικίαση σκάφους


Among all the beautiful places Greece has to offer, Halkidiki is one of the most wonderful and magical ones. Only a breath away from Thessaloniki, you can find miles of never-ending sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking views.

Dream Swim daily cruie in halkidiki


Summertime is the favorite season of the year for many people. Vacations are around the corner and the tension from work starts to fade away.

Spend World’s Dream Day in a boat

World’s Dream Day is a day of inspiration, reflection, and celebration. A special day founded in 2012 with the purpose to inspire people and motivate them to set goals. Every invention starts with a dream. Whether it is a big or a little one, we always need to search for ways to come closer to it. So, if you are a dreamer and you wish to be on a boat discovering a hidden paradise full of tropical elements of nature, 25th September is a beautiful day to take the first step and pursue it.

Stand-up-paddle (SUP) – live a unique experience

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a great way to keep fit during holidays while you have fun in the sea. SUP is a low-impact activity, using a big surfboard along with an adapted paddle. It reminds a combination of different elements of surfing and kayaking. It works out the entire body but mainly the abdominal muscles. Sup is friendly to beginners and at the same time, you become one with nature. The adrenaline you feel prepares you for an exciting adventure in the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki. Click below to learn more about the way SUPing during holidays will create a unique and life-changing experience.

Your holidays are not over yet, rent a boat in Autumn.

Back to work or back to holidays? You either dream of your magical and unforgettable moments you had during your vacations or wish summer would last longer so you recover a little more. We have good news! The summer holidays in Greece last until October. Truth is that September and duties might knock the door but if you’re a bit flexible, you still can enjoy the sunshiny waters of Chalkidiki that amaze everyone from the first glance. Now, let’s explore why you should give September another chance to rent a luxurious boat and try something fun that will refresh your mind.

Dream Swim daily cruie in diaporos

How to be prepared for your first time cruising by boat

Your first boat cruise is coming but you have to be appropriately prepared for this fantastic experience to fully enjoy the journey you constantly dream! So, we’ve gathered some basic tips, advices and instructions to guide you in your first time cruising by boat in order to prevent possible risks. Let’s dive into and learn some valuable information for a smooth time in the boat!

Dream swim boat rental

Top 5 Benefits of Family Vacations by boat

Boating offers a fun and alternative way to relax than the usual holidays. Plan family vacations by feeling the aura of the sea and let your children live a totally different experience. Endless types of activities that excite everyone and combine lots of sea, adventure and happiness. There is no kid that does not love swimming many hours on the beach. So, don’t wait anymore to explore extraordinary beaches and collect an adventure that can change your everyday moments into beautiful summer holidays with your beloved ones. Expand your mind and learn more about the reasons why it can be an incredible vacation time.

Dream-Swim-Boats Rental - Vourvourou

5 Health and Well-being Benefits of Boating

One of the current challenges of lockdown is the impact of quarantine on our health. Staying at home all day, we often feel tired, stress or emotional exhausted. These triggers can be detrimental to our productivity and can lead to burnout. We need to take moments of relaxation to remain happy and motivated at work. Let’s see how boating can help us on our health and well-being.

Dream Swim Boat Rental - Shipwreck Beach

The 10+1 greatest beaches in Greece

The uplifted breeze of these beaches can convert your summer feelings into real happiness but the crazy nightlife, the non-stop parties and music festivals give an ultimate summer entertainment. If these elements are important for your relaxation, have a look on the following 10+1 best beaches in Greece! Whether you are looking for a spontaneous excursion in nature, a simple tranquility or partying until the morning, don’t just comfort yourself into something less than the best.

Dream Swim Boat Rental - Livrohio Beach

17 Blue Flag Beaches you can visit

If you are visiting Greece this summer then look no further. We have gathered 17 blue flag beaches in the 2nd and 3rd peninsula of Chalkidiki, which are easily acessible by car or boat. Thousands of awards are given to beaches every year in Greece from which Chalkidiki has been receiving the most flags. These coasts are widely known for their natural beauty but also, for their environmental protection and the services they provide to visitors.

Islands you can explore from Chalkidiki

5+1 beautiful islands you could visit from Chalkidiki!

Have you booked your holidays in Chalkidiki and you are thinking about your travel plan?

We are here for you to help! Whether you are going to spend your holidays with your family, friends or partner, there are great options for single or multi-day excursions starting from Chalkidiki.

Let’s have a look at the 5+1 beautiful and alternative islands we can help you visit this summer by boat.

Day cruise to Vourvourou Islands with skipper

Diaporos Daily Cruise

Now sail across to Mount Athos, an Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054 –an autonomous statute since Byzantine times, unique in the world. Sailing at 500m from the shore, at the closer approach permitted in the area, you will have the chance to admire the magnificent architecture and beauty of the monasteries. You will have some time to capture this unique expirience.

Compass 150cc-Βάρκα Βουρβουρού-Σιθωνία

9 Boating safety tips you should know

No matter how experienced you are, it is a good practice to go over safe boating tips. Find below 9 basic boating safety tips to help you stay safe during your trip:

Panoramic view of Kalithea beach in Kassandra

5+1 Tips to avoid seasickness on a boat trip

Seasickness is a highly discussed topic, especially between the first time boaters, due to the fact that it affects each individual differently. Almost every passenger will experience some level of seasickness on a boat trip, especially on rough waters.

Boat rental experience

Renting a boat, a unique experience nobody should miss!

Millions of people each and every year want to do something different and have more interesting and exciting vacations. Many of them are considering visiting lesser known locations in order to discover the beautiful secrets of our planet. But there are still many hidden gems to explore in the world’s most visited destinations. Generally speaking, the most stunning beaches, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, can only be reached by boat. Now, renting a boat has never been easier, but why should you look into chartering a boat?

Evripus 5.60 - RIB retnal

Dream Swim boat equipment

Dream Swim was founded by people with considerable yachting background experience, and genuine passion for the sea. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent services, and ensure that you will have the best vacation memory after riding one of our boats. All our boats are fully equipped to offer you maximum safety and comfort during your trip.

Perfect Sea View - Dream Swim

What to expect from your boat trip

There is no doubt that Chalkidiki is rightfully considered one of the best summer vacation spots in Greece, especially the second “leg” of Chalkidiki, called Sithonia, which has a more authentic feel. It is the perfect destination for those who prefer a more laid-back atmosphere. The shallow turquoise waters and the sandy sea bottom of the beaches, combined with the numerous secret coves, make Sithonia the ideal location people who wish to visit a serene retreat.

Kavourotrypes - Chalkidiki Beaches

Kavourotrypes – Α hidden paradise in Chalkidiki

Orange beach or Kavourotrypes (as the locals call it) is a hidden paradise-on-earth with a coastline which is over 5km long. Kavourotrypes forms a lace-like coastline of small secluded beaches with crystal clear waters, white coves and dense pine trees that spread all the way down to the shore.

blue lagoon

8 reasons you should visit Chalkidiki

If you are thinking of a vacation in Chalkidiki this summer, wait no more. Chalkidiki has so many diverse aspects that it provides everyone with a magical experience to enjoy. Whether you are a looking for a cosmopolitan atmosphere, or prefer a more quiet vacation or maybe you are looking for an extreme sport-filled vacation, Chalkidiki is the right place to be! Let’s have a look at top the eight reasons why one should visit Chalkidiki this summer.

Skipper Licence

Skipper license – How to get your certificate

If you are interested in renting a boat in vourvourou with an engine over 30 hp, the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is an important certificate you should obtain before you go to European Mainland.  As you are the skipper of a vessel, you are responsible for the crews safety and you must ensure that you hold the required qualifications before venturing into another country’s jurisdiction.

Άγιο Όρος Ένας μοναδικός ιερός τόπος

Mount Athos: A unique holy place

Mount Athos or Agiο Oros (as the locals call it) is situated in the third peninsula of Chalkidiki. It is the oldest surviving monastic community in the world, and it is regarded as one of the most important hubs of the Orthodox Christian world. The first monks settled there in the 9th century AD, during Byzantine times. Since then, the monks living in the region have preserved the same way of life, and nothing seems to have been affected by modern lifestyle.

Why is Halkidiki one of the top summer vacation locations in Greece

Why is Halkidiki a perfect destination for your summer vacations?

There is no doubt that Halkidiki is considered one of the top summer vacation locations in Greece. It stands out for its three peninsulas, Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount Athos. These three green “legs” (as the locals call them) are surrounded by calm, warm waters, and can be easily reached within an hour from Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece.

bareboat cruise in Halkidiki with Dream Swim Boat Rental

Bareboat Cruise or Skippered Cruise: What to choose – Dream Swim

Dream Swim offers its customers two boat rental options to rent a boat in Vourvourou: bareboat and skippered. The difference between these two options lies in the identity of the person steering the boat. More specifically, in bareboat cruise rental, you have the amazing opportunity to be the one navigating the boat, whereas in skippered boat rental, there is a professional skipper on board to navigate the boat for you.

Top Chalkidiki Beaches to visit by boat

9 Chalkidiki Beaches to visit by boat

With short travel distances and some of the Chalkidiki’s most pristine beaches, boat rental in Sithonia is idyllic. Ancient history, endless miles of sandy beach with wonderful views, little “eye-hidden” heavenly bays of shimmering turquoise waters, amazing landscapes, small islands, and a perfect climate are just some of the delights on offer when you visit Chalkidiki. The calm sea and the balmy summer winds make this an ideal destination for renters of all experience levels. The ideal boat trip with the luxury of privacy in this easily accessible paradise. Here are 9 Chalkidiki beaches Dream Swim Boat Rental recommends you to visit:

Holly Mountain Daily Cruise

Holy Mountain Private Cruise

Now sail across to Mount Athos, an Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054 –an autonomous statute since Byzantine times, unique in the world. Sailing at 500m from the shore, at the closer approach permitted in the area, you will have the chance to admire the magnificent architecture and beauty of the monasteries. You will have some time to capture this unique expirience.

Rent a boat in Chalkidiki

Drone view of Diaporos Island!

With its gorgeous shimmering, clear, turquoise waters, Diaporos Island tends to be a popular playground for travelers. Our drone photos can give you a taste of Blue Lagoon, the most famous beach of Diaporos.