Your holidays are not over yet, rent a boat in Autumn

Back to work or back to holidays? You either dream of your magical and unforgettable moments you had during your vacations or wish summer would last longer so you relax a little more.

We have good news! The summer holidays in Greece last until October. Truth is that September and duties might knock the door but if you’re a bit flexible, you still can enjoy the sunshiny waters of Chalkidiki that amaze everyone from the first glance.

Now, let’s explore why you should give September another chance to rent a luxurious boat and try something fun that will refresh your mind and soul.

1. The sea gets warmer and the climate is perfect for a dive

The weather conditions are still ideal for swimming and diving since the sea reaches around 25-27 degrees. The bright sun accompanied with September’s gentle breeze set the right temperature to sunbathe and collect the right dose of Vitamin C.

While the boat is moving around the natural beauty of the exotic landscape, what follows is a cool dive into the tranquil crystallised waters together with a long swim until you touch the white sand of the sea-bottom.

Dream Swim Boat Rental

2. Explore little gems with clear mind and less crowd

The place belongs to you…

Keep on discovering the best spots when the area is not crowded! Take the special chance to explore on your own the crystal clear waters since everyone is back to their busy lifestyles. So, experience the ultimate freedom from the speed while you move across your favourite beach.

Once you reach your destination, enjoy the calm aura of the seashore while this feeling makes you peacefully power down. Apart from that, renting a boat during fall gives a great combination of relaxation and social distancing next to mesmerising blue waters. Imagine you don’t need to worry about getting close to others and at the same time, you spend lovely hours of happiness.

Dream Swim Boat Rental - Drone view

3. Prices are lower during September

The high season period has passed and the prices are dropping down when we welcome September. Don’t lose more time and take your amazing opportunity to book the boat that suits you best.

After a comfortable ride, you can find other services with better prices and combine the special experience of your boat rental with other luxurious amenities.

4. Create a special connection to the locals

This time of the year allows you to get a more authentic experience of the Greek lifestyle and traditions. Greece is famous for its flowery blossom, natural green sceneries, local harvest and the production of olive oil.

Long walks around archeological sites, hiking or other water activities are totally a different experience when there are not so many tourists. Special offers on 27th September, the World Tourism Day, you get the chance to visit the Greek archeological museums and sites for free.

5. Admire the most stunning sunsets of the year

“Wake me up when the sunset comes.”

When your sailing experience comes at its end, your adventure in the sea rewards you with the most spectacular sunsets that magically appear in the horizon. Renting a boat in September is the best way to admire how the smooth sun touches the afternoon sky and creates calm shades of amazing colours.

Simply, enjoy the little miracles of fall because they will eventually make your deepest dreams come true.

Dream Swim boat rental - sunset