Rent a boat Vourvourou Dream Swim

…Some useful tips for your boat trip

Before you start

Watch carefully the information package and the demonstration from our specially trained staff. Do not hesitate to ask any questions.Be informed about weather conditions. Ask our staff to advise you which places are better to visit according to weather conditions.
Check survival and fire extinguishing equipment.
Kids and passengers who do not know how to swim should wear a life jacket.
Make sure you have at least one charged mobile phone or a 12volt phone car charger on board.

While you start

Place the engine in the water by pushing the button “trim-down”.
Make sure you have the “quick stop” rope on your hand.
Make sure all passengers are seated.
Make sure the gear lever is on vertical position, showing neutral indication. Only then the motor will start.

During traveling

Boat captain should always be aware about sea traffic conditions, depth and people swimming around.
Stay your course on the right side when you enter a canal or harbor.
Keep your distance no more than 2 nautical miles from the coast. (This applies to boats rented without a boat license.)
Not ever cross in front the bow of another moving boat.
Keep a safe distance from the coast and the swimmers. If you need to approach the shore, reduce your speed the minimum level and raise the engine (”trim up”) if the water is shallow.
Do not use the anchor in deep waters. Use it only when sea bottom is clearly visible. The distance of the rope which should be released has to be about three times the depth of the sea in your location.
The captain has to make sure that the anchor is safe and the engine has been turned off before anyone dives into the sea.