A unique experience with Stand-up-paddle (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a great way to keep fit during holidays while you have fun in the sea. SUP is a low-impact activity, using a big surfboard along with an adapted paddle. It reminds a combination of different elements of surfing and kayaking.

It works out the entire body but mainly the abdominal muscles. Sup is friendly to beginners and at the same time, you become one with nature. The adrenaline you feel prepares you for an exciting adventure in the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki.

Stand Up Paddle - Sup trip rental halkidiki

So, look no further and get ready to…

Discover a fantastic world full of bright sun and lush waters

Start paddling around the stunning turquiose coastlines of Diaporos island. While you move across, you explore little gems and instantly admire their mysterious and unspoilt beauty. The calm sparkling waters are what inspires you the most in order to find the balance between your body and soul.

Continue your journey towards the bright blue seashore but you need to be prepared for new changes in your life. Stand-up-paddling makes you see things from another perspective and if you try it once, then it will be your new passion for the rest of your life!

Stand Up Paddle - Sup rental Chalkidiki.

Enjoy a unique experience with other paddlers

Let’s SUP together and connect…

Sup enthusiasts often love sharing their experiences on the water! This sport is simply great for couples, groups of friends and families who wish to do together a fun activity in the sea. Working out with our loved ones creates a stronger bond because you spend quality time which leads to cultivating a special connection.

Your adventure becomes more joyful when you fall from the board and take a cool dive into the crystal clear waters. Everyone’s laughing and you all enjoy these little moments of happiness! But, don’t lose more time… quickly jump right into the board, grab the paddle again and try to find your balance.

With a refreshed mind, continue your beautiful trip on the crystal clear waters of the island!

Stand Up Paddle - Diaporos SUP rent

Work out, build muscles and always have fun

SUPing gently works out the entire body, strengthens the muscles, while your core, back, arms and shoulders are constantly engaging. Best of all, it’s a cardio activity that burns out calories and reduces high stress levels.

It is super safe, easy to handle but it’s not a typical training workout. The sensation of standing in the water under the bright sun not only stimulates your motivation but also, it improves joint mobility as well as the overall balance of the body. In other words, it enhances our health and well-being, anyone can practice it and you can easily enjoy a recreational activity in the beach.

Dream Swim - Sups

Stretch your body… the sun goes down

At the end, a set of yoga exercises is what you need to calm down and stretch out your muscles. Of course, take advantage of the best moment of the day and reflect next to the sunset that magically appears on the horizon.

After a full and active day enjoying the power of the sea and absorbing Vitamin D, you feel recharged, confident, and happy. So, don’t miss the oportunity to explore the popular island of Vourvourou with the most unique type of training. Simply, capture unforgettable fun moments with other sup lovers.