You cannot visit Halkidiki and not go by the second peninsula, Sithonia. It is a wonderful place, possessing all prerequisites for a tranquil and active vacation. According to many people, it is the best place Halkidiki has to offer with pristine beaches, turquoise waters, splendid nature, and picturesque villages. 

It is a true paradise on earth and there is no wonder why it is also called the Caribbean gem of Halkidiki! It has countless destinations and many beautiful hidden spots waiting for you to discover them. So if you are fond of magical sceneries and incredible nature then here we have gathered for you all of the quiet yet wondrous spots of Sithonia, if you wish to have an amazing time!


If you want to experience a unique worldliness and feel like you are at some exotic place in the Caribbean Sea, like the ones you only see in movies then Tigania beach is the right place for you! Not known by many, this actual hidden gem of Sithonia located between the beaches of Klimataria and Kriaritsi is an idyllic spot promising you a magnificent unspoiled nature and emerald, warm waters. The rocks all around add to the place some exotic feeling. 

Access to this beach is a bit difficult, but it’s all worth it as soon as you arrive since the crystal clear waters and the pristine beach will reward you. A hidden beauty waiting for you to discover it!


Are you tired of exploring beaches every day and spending time under the hot summer sun? Do you wish to change the scenery a bit and see something different? Then a visit to the mountain village Parthenonas in Sithonia is the perfect option for you. Surrounded by a beautiful, eye-candy nature this traditional Greek village is all you could ask for. Narrow, cobbled streets, traditional Macedonian houses and inns, and cozy cafes assemble a picturesque scenery, making you feel like you live in a dream!


Find yourself visiting a vineyard in Sithonia and you won’t regret it! In an area of 4.750 square meters, in the south part of Sithonia in an amphitheatrical way are located the vineyards of one of the most famous and historical domains of Greece, the Domaine Porto Carras.

The exemplary design of the vineyard was done in the late 1960s, by renowned, expert scientists so that the plants can adapt to the environment of the area, for the production of high-quality wines. The hilly areas create excellent ecological conditions for the cultivation of 27 fine varieties. 

Just a few meters away from the winery, a renovated multi-purpose hall hosts the necessary additional activities that the visitor is looking for, for a complete tour.


Diaporos is an island just off the coast of beautiful Vourvourou. It is accessible by boat and it will definitely amaze you! Calm, deep, emerald waters, white sand beaches, and an extraordinary green nature adorn this flawless location. 

Blue Lagoon is the most famous spot that you shouldn’t miss! Glacier, sparkling azure waters, and a wild, undeveloped natural setting make you feel like you are on an exotic island. 

All of this and more are waiting for you to discover during your vacation in Sithonia. It is without doubt a pristine place full of hidden gems and your time there will be an unforgettable one that will stay in your heart and memories forever!