Travel from one Aegean island to another swiftly

Accommodating your requests and wishes in the very best way, providing you with a pleasant and a more luxurious journey, our transfer fleet is saving your time.

Organizing transportation from one to another location in Aegean in the summer season can be a stressful challenge, sold out tickets for Ferris and flights, unregularly schedule, bad weather may affect your holidays. Don’t let that happen to you.

You could even stop for a quick dive during your trip!!!

Our speedboats and the professional stuff is going to give you the opportunity to transfer you anywhere you wish,  providing a primarily safe journey in almost every weather conditions while satisfying the full comfort for the passengers.

The transfers can take place either with the Skipper 8.50 or the Skipper 9.50Reach your destination swiftly, with unparalleled transfer services and absolute safety!

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