How to be prepared for your first time cruising by boat!

Your first boat cruise is coming but you have to be appropriately prepared for this fantastic experience to fully enjoy the journey you constantly dream! We’ve gathered some basic tips, advices and instructions to guide you in your first time cruising by boat in order to prevent possible risks.

So, let’s dive into and learn some valuable information for a smooth time in the boat!

Prepare only the essentials

It is very important to not pack unecessery things so you can make the best of the space you have on the boat.

After a long day of diving and swimming into the sea-bottom, you will only need a changing set of clothes and clean towels.

Sometimes, first time boaters experience feelings of seasickness (don’t panic it can happen to anyone!), because they are not used to the motion of the sea. In this case, all you need to do is to add some medication or chewing gum in your backpack.

Lastly, obviously don’t forget to include your passport or an identity card, and your travel map as these are very important travel documents when you arrive and you’ll need them in your check-in!

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Protect yourself from the sunlight

When you imagine a boat cruise, you probably think of exploring heavenly seashores and hidden treasures and then laying and sunbathing under the hot sun.

However, as you know the temperature gets really high in Greece during summer and the last thing you need to worry about during your holidays is getting sunburned!

So, if you want to get tanned fearlessly, remember to bring the sunscreen, your sunglasses and a big hat or a cap. Especially, when you cruise by boat in August you need to protect yourself from the sunlight!

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Follow the safety briefing and instructions

The time is here but there is still one important thing to consider!

You’ve to attend the detailed safety briefing we provide before you start your journey in the sea and listen carefully to the basic safety tips. Following the safety rules will make you feel comfortable as well as will help you become familiar with the boat.

Keep in mind that all of our boats are fully-equipped with lifejackets to ensure safety on the water. We provide for all the members of the crew and especially for our little friends. No matter how great you swim, you should still wear a life jacket!

Finally, of course you must avoid consuming alcoholic drinks or beverages because they can easily upset your stomach and distract you from having happy moments with your loved ones!

Dream Swim Boat Rental - lifejackets

Don’t worry… You are on the sea!

Your first cruise is happening and you are on the boat!

Set off your adventure early in the morning to enjoy the morning breeze and arrive back during the evening while the sunset beautifully appears on the horizon.

Feel free to enjoy unique and magical moments around the sea while you discover the most beautiful destinations, exotic landscapes and shiny blue coasts. It lets you experience a special sense of calmness and tranquility next to the sea while you create a connection to natural beaches.

If you cruise in Chalkidiki, you will explore villages close to seasides with blue-green waters surrounded by pine trees and imposing rock formations that magnetise everyone from the first moment!

Have a cruise with an experienced captain

Driving a boat for the first time can be stressful and you’re not supposed to feel stressed during summer vacations so it’s better to avoid excess responsibilities.

You are on the boat, all you dream is to power down! 

Feel a sense of freedom and rent to try a daily cruise with our experienced skipper who guarantees a lovely time combined with the best comfort and safety!

These basic ways discussed are more than enough to be prepared for a unique trip with your family or friends! Let the rest be handled by our qualified captain. Be prepared because boating around the sea has many surprises waiting for you!