Blue Lagoon Summer - Destinations Chalkidiki
Blue Lagoon - one of Blue Lagoon the best chalkidiki beaches to visit by boat

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a small strait between the islands of Diaporos and Agios Isidoros, it is shallow with turquoise water and clean sandy sea bottom. Drop your anchor here and enjoy one of the most stunning spots of Halkidiki.

Myrsini Beach Summer - Destinations Chalkidiki

Myrsini Beach

On the east side of Diaporos island one can find a hidden gem, called Myrsini Beach, which is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. The locals call it Hawai Beach. The combination of blue waters, white sand and white cliffs set Myrsini Beach as a must-see place.

best chalkidiki beaches to visit Kryfto
Kryftos boat - Destinations Chalkidiki


Anchor away from the hustle and bustle, at “Kryfto”, a natural bay of 700 meters which ends in swallow waters that remain always warm. Amongst other things one can see the ruins of the pre-Byzantine Temple of St. Andreas the oldest temple in Sithonia (500 B.C.).

Peristeri - Destinations Chalkidiki
Peristeri Island - Destinations Chalkidiki

Peristeri Island

The beauty of nature is always magical, but when is combined with human culture the result is unrivaled. Every visitor should pass with his boat from Peristeri island, where one will encounter a church built on a rock. An ideal landscape that deserves to be captured in a photo.

Karydi Beach - Destinations Chalkidiki 1
Karydi Beach - Sithonia Chalkidiki


Karydi beach is a small diamond, an exotic beach with white sand, turquoise waters, white rocks and a grove of pines near the coast. It is protected from the southern winds that are frequent during the summer, as a result the waters are usually calm even when blowing.

Lagonisi - Destinations Chalkidiki
Lagonisi Beach - Destinations Chalkidiki


One of the first things a sailor will spot is the very small rocky peninsula, which is a very picturesque benchmark for the Beach of Lagonisi. From its coastride of 300 meters, one can enjoy the view of Kalogria island .

Kavourotrypes - Destinations Chalkidiki
Kavourotrypes beach - Destinations Chalkidiki


23 km south of Vourvourou, there is a hidden paradise behind a wonderful pine forest. Kavourotrypes is a lace of continuous small coves, white secluded beaches with crystal clear waters, white rocks and dense pine trees that spread all the way down the water. The sculpted cliffs that adorn some of the beaches give a separate value to the beautiful landscape. A perfect destination for any taste.

Mount Athos - Destinations Chalkidiki
Agio Oros - Destinations Chalkidiki

Agion Oros – Mount Athos

Experienced and adventurous travelers with a boat license can seize the opportunity to approach Mount Athos. Known also as Holly Mountain, situated in the entire third and most beautiful peninsula of Halkidiki, 20 nautical miles away from our base. This is the only place in Greece that is completely dedicated to prayers and monks. According to the law, you can overlook all the monasteries from a distance of approximately 500 meters.

Ammouliani Island - Destinations Chalkidiki
Ammouliani beach - Destinations Chalkidiki

Ammouliani Island

Right across from Mount Athos, there is the unique inhabited island in Chalkidiki. The beaches are the trademark of the island, the main ones are Alikes, Megali Ammos and Karagatsia, where the fine white sand and crystal clear waters will amaze you. Everything in Ammouliani is idyllic and it is easy to forget that the mainland of Chalkidiki is just some minutes by boat.

Drenia Islands - Destinations Chalkidiki
Drenia - Destinations Chalkidiki

Drenia Islands

On the south end of Ammouliani are located the islets of Drenia. These tiny islands in the middle of the deep blue sea certainly deserve your attention. This special travel destination is a cluster of 6 tiny islands, which enclose a small interior sea with very shallow waters, forming a unique natural pool, with green waters and sandy bottom, creating a very special and wonderful landscape.