Spend World’s Dream Day in a boat

World’s Dream Day is a day of inspiration, reflection, and celebration. A special day founded in 2012 with the purpose to inspire people and motivate them to set goals. Every invention starts with a dream. Whether it is a big or a little one, we always need to search for ways to come closer to it. So, if you are a dreamer and you wish to be on a boat discovering a hidden paradise full of tropical elements of nature, 25th September is a beautiful day to take the first step and pursue it.

Stand-up-paddle (SUP) – live a unique experience

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a great way to keep fit during holidays while you have fun in the sea. SUP is a low-impact activity, using a big surfboard along with an adapted paddle. It reminds a combination of different elements of surfing and kayaking. It works out the entire body but mainly the abdominal muscles. Sup is friendly to beginners and at the same time, you become one with nature. The adrenaline you feel prepares you for an exciting adventure in the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki. Click below to learn more about the way SUPing during holidays will create a unique and life-changing experience.

Your holidays are not over yet, rent a boat in Autumn.

Back to work or back to holidays? You either dream of your magical and unforgettable moments you had during your vacations or wish summer would last longer so you recover a little more. We have good news! The summer holidays in Greece last until October. Truth is that September and duties might knock the door but if you’re a bit flexible, you still can enjoy the sunshiny waters of Chalkidiki that amaze everyone from the first glance. Now, let’s explore why you should give September another chance to rent a luxurious boat and try something fun that will refresh your mind.

How to be prepared for your first time cruising by boat

Your first boat cruise is coming but you have to be appropriately prepared for this fantastic experience to fully enjoy the journey you constantly dream! So, we’ve gathered some basic tips, advices and instructions to guide you in your first time cruising by boat in order to prevent possible risks. Let’s dive into and learn some valuable information for a smooth time in the boat!

Top 5 Benefits of Family Vacations by boat

Boating offers a fun and alternative way to relax than the usual holidays. Plan family vacations by feeling the aura of the sea and let your children live a totally different experience. Endless types of activities that excite everyone and combine lots of sea, adventure and happiness. There is no kid that does not love swimming many hours on the beach. So, don’t wait anymore to explore extraordinary beaches and collect an adventure that can change your everyday moments into beautiful summer holidays with your beloved ones. Expand your mind and learn more about the reasons why it can be an incredible vacation time.

5 Health and Well-being Benefits of Boating

One of the current challenges of lockdown is the impact of quarantine on our health. Staying at home all day, we often feel tired, stress or emotional exhausted. These triggers can be detrimental to our productivity and can lead to burnout. We need to take moments of relaxation to remain happy and motivated at work. Let’s see how boating can help us on our health and well-being.

The 10+1 greatest beaches in Greece

The uplifted breeze of these beaches can convert your summer feelings into real happiness but the crazy nightlife, the non-stop parties and music festivals give an ultimate summer entertainment. If these elements are important for your relaxation, have a look on the following 10+1 best beaches in Greece! Whether you are looking for a spontaneous excursion in nature, a simple tranquility or partying until the morning, don’t just comfort yourself into something less than the best.

17 Blue Flag Beaches you can visit

If you are visiting Greece this summer then look no further. We have gathered 17 blue flag beaches in the 2nd and 3rd peninsula of Chalkidiki, which are easily acessible by car or boat. Thousands of awards are given to beaches every year in Greece from which Chalkidiki has been receiving the most flags. These coasts are widely known for their natural beauty but also, for their environmental protection and the services they provide to visitors.

5+1 beautiful islands you could visit from Chalkidiki!

Have you booked your holidays in Chalkidiki and you are thinking about your travel plan?

We are here for you to help! Whether you are going to spend your holidays with your family, friends or partner, there are great options for single or multi-day excursions starting from Chalkidiki.

Let’s have a look at the 5+1 beautiful and alternative islands we can help you visit this summer by boat.

Diaporos Daily Cruise

Now sail across to Mount Athos, an Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054 –an autonomous statute since Byzantine times, unique in the world. Sailing at 500m from the shore, at the closer approach permitted in the area, you will have the chance to admire the magnificent architecture and beauty of the monasteries. You will have some time to capture this unique expirience.