5 Health and Well-being benefits of boating

One of the current challenges of lockdown is the impact of quarantine on our health. Staying at home all day, we often feel tired, stress or emotional exhausted. These triggers can be detrimental to our productivity and can lead to burnout. We need to take moments of relaxation to remain happy and motivated at work. Therefore, investing on a good break during summer vacations is important.

That’s the reason why sometimes you find yourself dreaming of an exotic blue beach rich by crystallised calm waters:

According to “the theory of Blue Mind”, introduced by Dr Wallace Nichols, a simple sight or sound of water can alter your mind into an emotional state of tranquility, unity and a general sense of happiness.

This occurs because serotonin, the brain’s feel-good chemical, activates. Interestingly, his curiosity for boat’s impact on health led him to explore that: “being on a boat is one of the best ways to access the wellness benefits of the water”.

Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss the benefits of boating on our well-being:

1. Boating in the Sea – the antidote of Stress relief

Some people find it difficult to power down, however, spending time on or around water can help them to relax. Sea heals those who deal with chronic health issues such as stress, fatigue or depression. This occurs beacause a boat trip can immediately uplift your mood and exposure to water can positively stimulate the amygdala. A brain area responsible for our emotions which develops feelings of compassion, empathy, and happiness.

Sea adventurers say that a simple cruise with a boat can be a special form of soul therapy. The sound of the sea has an incredible power to instantly fade your worries away that might trigger your mind, refilling them with positive thoughts.

So, next time you sail by boat keep away your thoughts from any little distraction (possibly your phone). Instead, focus on recharging your mind with tranquil thoughts full of joy and happiness!

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2. Create a special connection with Earth

Boating brings you closer to the deep blue ocean and also, to other meaningful elements of nature.

Feel the Sunshine on your body! Full of Vitamin D, it strengthens your bones and makes you feel alive. When the evening comes, the whole scenery magically shifts into a smooth colourful sunset that reflects upon the endless blue seashore.

What a better place to practice mindfulness and breathing techniques? Balance your body and soul next to the soft waves and collect incredible yoga moments letting you peacefully relax. Inhaling Fresh Air from nature cleans your lungs, improves your immune system and removes the toxins from your body.

If we appreciate more the little miracles of nature, it can refresh our mind and make us feel happier and mentally stronger. While cruising on a boat, take a moment to sunbathe but always be careful to not overdo it!

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3. Empower relationships with Family & Friends

Your social life is one of the most important factors of a happy and balanced life.

A boating experience within the sea improves the quality of time you spend with your loved ones and creates a stronger connection. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you enjoy different water activities or who swims faster, sharing together adventurous or calm moments during summer is all it takes to build trust, respect and team-work.

This special bond stems from the way we think, feel and sense the sea world. It can make us store and recall lovely experiences with our friends.

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4. Physical exercise is Fun

An interesting opportunity to be active while exploring the world of the sea. Just grab your snorkeling mask, have a cool dive into crystal clear waters and swim until you find a beautiful collection of seashells, energetic stones or rare sea creatures.

Feel the sense of freedom and learn a new hobby such as fishing, water-skiing or even how to sail the boat.

These are awesome leisure activities that improve your lifestyle and help you to build a body with strong muscles, flexibility and endurance.

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5. Find your Passion, Learn, and Grow

At the end of an unforgettable cruise, you gain a life-changing experience where you can grow into a better version of yourself.

A boat trip allows you to be active and practise new tasks in a fun way that immediately brightens your mood and reaches your confidence into the highest levels! Happily reward yourself by enjoying that fresh fish you just caught alone.

Also, the deep blue sea will magnetise and excite you to try water activities to the fullest, even if you want to learn how to sail, swim or snorkel. Otherwise, simply meditate while admiring the calm sunset.

It is a safe, simple and an alternative way to recharge yourself, wander into mystic places and create a self-fulfilling life full of magical summer stories.

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