10+1 of the greatest beaches in Greece

The magic sounds of the sky blue seashores combined with the warm climate and the rare tropical fauna and flora inflame a passion to wander the mysterious land of Greece.

The uplifted breeze of these beaches can convert your summer feelings into real happiness but the crazy nightlife, the non-stop parties and music festivals give an ultimate summer entertainment.

If these elements are important for your relaxation, you clicked the right page! Whether you are looking for a spontaneous excursion in nature, a simple tranquility or partying until the morning, don’t just comfort yourself into something less than the best.

So, let’s jump right into this section to earn an initial taste of the 10+1 best beaches all over Greece.

1. Lalaria – A shiny treasure with emerald waters

From the first moment traveling in this fantastic world, you observe a unique shade of turquoise seafoam surrounded by impressive high cliffs. The calm atmosphere coming up by the sparkle of the crystallised waters has a special power to create a beautiful summer spirit.

Surely, it deserves the title of the most beautiful beach in Skiathos. Most tourists honour it with the first chance as there is an inspiring scenery of the Aegean Sea.

This wield beauty is an incredible gateway to create unforgettable moments, simply keep in mind that it can only be unraveled with a boat trip!

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2. Super Paradise – Land into an unreal tropical world

What attracts so many visitors in Mykonos is obviously the golden sand perfectly covered by shiny blue-green waters but that’s not the only thing!

This fabulous spot is the most cosmopolitan area in the Aegean and is mostly visited by celebrities and tourists who choose to live their vacations to the fullest. During the day, you can feel the freedom of an aquatic adventure in the colourful sea by enjoying various water sports. In the evening, continue your joyful moments by partying all day and night in the club of the beach bar. Enjoy your cold drinks with your friends and dance on the rhythms of the super alive music.

In other words, everything in this paradise is super duper fun!

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3. Red Beach – Love the volcanic sea

Santorini is widely known for the gentle colourful beaches reflected by romantic sunsets but the unusual pigment of this coast sets your soul on fire!

Travelling in this intensive mystery you instantly come across to imposing red rocks composed by volcanic sand. Together with the turquoise waters and the azure blue dots on different sea parts frame the best scenery for an ultimate relaxation with your favorite companion.

It was made for those adventurers who wish to fill a mind with beautiful and unique pictures. Most tourists prefer to explore this hideout by the sea as it is safer rather than walking the pathway through the hills.

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4. Shipwreck Bay – Live your life by a compass

Who knew that a Scottish merchant ship, MV Panayiotis, would be wrecked 40 years ago into a sandy cove upon an endless blue coast in Greece and would turn up into one of the most incredible iconic views?

Just a quick glimpse of the view from above with the shiny turquoise waters can create an amazing sense of adventure.

This destination is a must-see, it is located in the northwest of Zakynthos and this masterpiece is also called Navagio Beach.

Note it can only be explored by a water trip and be prepared to see distinct beautiful caves that will catch your breath!

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5. Sarakiniko Beach – Find your peace of mind

Incredible volcanic formations in Milos island that travel you into another planet. If you decide to visit this place, plan to arrive early as there is an impressively beautiful spectacle that gets easily catched up.

A small secret recess where you can take a relaxing bath and enjoy the blissful waters.

This authentic beauty rich with sheer white rocks attract many boats that search for a tranquil soulful experience in the clearest waters. Along with the perfect warm temperature sets the right time to let your worries drown in the bottom of the ocean.

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6. Balos Beach – Fill your life with adventures

A colourful pallet of green and blue water combinations that triggers your desire to snorkel and explore the aqua marine.

Swimming deep into the world of the sea you observe a light rose sandy bottom with a beautiful diversity of fishes and you never know…

You can capture fun moments with other rare sea creatures like the Mediterranean monk seal and the caretta caretta sea turtle.

This magnificent place is laid in the northwestern side of Crete in the islet of Gramvousa where the Venetian castle inspires a romantic touch.

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7. Voidokoilia Beach – The most perfect semi-circle ever created

Constitutes the perfect destination for a fun excursion with your friends accompanying an appropriate weather to sunbathe and feel the warm sun.

Uncover this remarkable semi-circle rich with azure blue waters and glowing sunshine that reflect upon the golden sand. At the top of the hills, the impressive Paliokastro (or Nestor’s Castle), dedicated to Thrasymedes, the son of Nestor, is marked by a vaulted tomb that emerges near the coast. Exploring a little further away, you arrive at Nestor’s Cave where an old myth says this is where Hermes used to hide the cattle stolen from Apollo.

The wonderful composition of this seashore can be found in Messinia, a regional unit located in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese.

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8. Myrtos Beach – Collect moments, not things!

Once you land in the tropical island of Kefalonia, the first thing you need to see is the most favorable heaven in the Ionian Sea settled in the west of mainland Greece. The large coves, the fine white sand along with the electric-blue sea defines its clear and natural beauty.

Spend a brilliant day refreshing your mind and body, swim aside a mystic view of steep cliffs with dark greenery. Don’t forget your camera and when the evening comes…

Don’t miss to capture a snapshot from the most promising sunsets that perfectly cuddle with the crystal waters!

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9. Porto Katsiki Beach – Your favorite travel story

Start by walking into the hiking path, which is fully covered by warm green trees.

Once you start admiring the crystallised blue sea, you move forward until you reach a slight stairway. Getting it down you are rewarded with a clear vision of a majestic turquoise beach that instantly wins your heart.

Fall into the shiny stone blue seashore and enjoy one the most stunning perspectives of the Ionian Sea. This gem is hidden in the exotic island of Lefkada. Its fame also belongs to the special villages that set a lovely calm aura coming from the smell of the fresh floral greenery and the traditional Greek architecture.

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10. Canal D’ Amour Beach – Follow your heart

Traveling now to another extraordinary viewpoint in Greece known for its perfect shades of green-blue waters along with the golden sand and rock formations that can magnetize your eyes.

“The erotic inspiration of the area originates from a say that clarifies whoever swims in the narrow opening of the rock will find the love of their life on the other side.”

Between the villages of Sidari and Peroulades, you can find this heaven which is 32km away from the outstanding city of Corfu.

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11. Blue Lagoon – Learn, Grow, Discover

And of course, we left our favorite for the end… Diaporos is an absolutely magical little island that exists right across Vourvourou in the second peninsula of Chalkidiki (Sithonia).

This spot is famous because of the Caribbean colours that trigger your emotions. You will instantly want to dive and swim into the most crystal clear waters. If you wish to have unbelievable moments of serenity during summer, don’t lose more time!

Plus, it is such a fantastic feeling exploring this tranquil blue heaven by boat! This trip broadens your mind and remains unforgettable to everyone who sees it.

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